Fallen Cell Tower

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At Beard Forensic Engineering Services, we strive to provide you with unbiased, expert analysis and opinions, rooted in the scientific method and facts. We provide cost-effective, written analysis, while keeping your data confidential and secure.

Engineering Failure Analysis

Whether you have a personal injury, property damage, or a business interruption, we can help. Our engineering experts are experienced in handling many types of commercial, industrial, or residential losses.

Scope of Damage/Value of Loss

Need an independent assessment of damage or cost of repairs? We are experienced in evaluating damage to equipment and facilities, and can help value your loss.

Fire Investigations

Determining the origin and cause of a fire requires significant training and experience. Our fire investigators have been certified by the National Association of Fire Investigators, and stay on top of new developments in the industry through participation in industry groups and continuing education.

Litigation Support

Are you involved in a lawsuit and need technical assistance? We are experienced in assisting legal teams evaluate their cases in both federal and state courts.  We can provide objective expert witness testimony to help explain what happened and why.